Medieval Padlocks: An Introduction

Medieval Padlocks: An Introduction

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Medieval Padlocks: An Introduction

McIntyre, Rob

Thornforge Knives


Padlocks were used extensively throughout the medieval period for securing chests and caskets. They were one of the only mechanical items the average person would have used regularly in daily life.

Keys are a very common grave good, especially amongst the Norse and Celtic peoples, often occurring in women’s graves. This brings about ideas as to their symbolic status and the role of women in societies where the men were often away on campaign/raids.

During the 1000 years the SCA focuses on (600 – 1600A.D.) padlocks changed very little, in essence the same designs as the Roman and Egyptian locks they were descended from. It was not until the early 18th century that the basic mechanisms were altered, basically to that known in today’s padlocks.

Thornforge Knives

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