Conference on ‘Richard III: Monarch and Man’ to take place in October

Conference on ‘Richard III: Monarch and Man’ to take place in October

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The Richard III Foundation, Inc. has announced plans for its 2012 conference – “Richard III: Monarch and Man” – which will take place in Leicestershire on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October 2012.

The event starts at the Bosworth Battlefield Centre on the afternoon of Friday 12th October. Historian Mike Ingram will conduct a tour of the battlefield site, starting with the traditional location – including the new Bosworth monument – and then moving on to the site now recognized as the actual location of the battle, where Mike will give an overview of the historic clash between the armies of King Richard III and Henry Tudor. Mike’s new book – “The Road to Bosworth” – provides a new and refreshing overview of the battle and the background to this milestone in English history. (His book will be launched at Bosworth in August on the anniversary of the battle.)

The conference itself will run from 8.30am to 5.00pm on Saturday 13th October, and will take place at Market Bosworth. Conference speakers include: Robert Hardy CBE FSA, Hon. Patron of The Richard III Foundation, Inc.; Steve Goodchild, Chairman of the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, on “The Arrival: The Role of Richard, Duke of Gloucester at Tewkesbury”; Dr Craig Taylor on “Chivalry and the Wars of the Roses”; Dr John Alban on “From Ashwellthorpe to Bosworth: A Yorkist Soldier”; David Baldwin on “The Character of Richard III”; Mark Downing on “Military Effigies in the Yorkist Age”; and Dr David Hipshon on “The Princes: Contemporary Assumptions”. In addition, Peter Algar will give a presentation on his new book “Dead Man’s Hill” (to be published in June).

The Richard III Foundation works to challenge the popular view of King Richard III by demonstrating through rigorous scholarship that the facts of Richard’s life and reign are in stark contrast to the Shakespearian caricature. The Foundation also seeks to advance research into other aspects of English history during the period in which Richard lived, and in particular the conflict known to history as the Wars of the Roses.

With the Foundation’s honorary patrons including the much-loved British actor and author Robert Hardy, the distinguished historian Professor Anne Curry, and the internationally acclaimed novelist Sharon K. Penman (author of the bestselling The Sunne in Splendour), the Foundation sponsors a variety of academic events and publications, and provides grants for research into the “Ricardian” period.

The Richard III Foundation Scholarship for Medieval Studies is awarded annually, with a focus on supporting doctoral students. Past recipients include David Santiuste, author of Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses, Lucy Rhymer and Professor Jackson Armstrong, now both teaching at major universities; Jennifer Ledfors, now a researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London; and Carolyn Donohue, who is now teaching at the University of York.

The Foundation’s John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies was established to assist local historians and independent scholars with their research costs. Grants are available to aid the study of any aspect of late Fifteenth Century history, literature or architecture, especially the life and reign of King Richard III. The Foundation also produces a regular journal – The Medelai Gazette – which carries a wide range of articles, reviews, news announcements and updates on new research and relevant archaeological discoveries, and other items of interest.

For more details on the Foundation and its 2012 Conference, go to or visit the Foundation’s page on Facebook, or write to: Andy Smith, Public Relations Director (UK), The Richard III Foundation, 24 Floral Court, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2JL.

Watch the video: King Richard III Confirmed as Leicester Car Park Skeleton (June 2022).


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