Medieval Animation: The Founding of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius

Medieval Animation: The Founding of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius

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Created in 1990 by the Lithuanian Animated Film Studio, this film tells the mythological tale of the founding of Medieval Lithuanian capital Vilnius. According to the legend, Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, killed a proud and powerful aurochs while hunting and afterwards dreamed a howling iron wolf. The pagan priest Lizdeika prophesied: “A capital will arise here, power and beauty of which will be legendary throughout the world. It’s glory will be as mighty as the howl of the iron wolf.”

Script – Zenonas Šteinys, Juozas Pocius
Art director – Albinas Šimanauskas
Setting – Valdas Gilius, Diana Faraponienė
Camera – Alfonsas Triškus
Music – Algirdas Martinaitis
Assistant director – Šarūnas Jakštas
Sound – Juozas Tuita
Advisor – Ramūnas Bogdanas
Animation – V. Jurgelevičius, H. Vaigauskas, R. Bujutė, R. Šumskytė, Z. Tarakevičius, A. Bukinas, D. Kulikovas, V. Bobrovskis
Drawings – R. Anskaitienė, R. Bujutė, S. Jakaitė, V. Jurelevičius, R. Kareivienė, J. Leikaitė, A. Matukienė, A. Mačiulytė, A. Mackonytė, A. Marcinkevičiūtė, A. Medžikauskaitė, S. Peseckaitė, V. Stakėnienė, R. Šumskytė
Cutting – O. Diržytė
Editor – R. Pauraitė
Production manager – L. Stukienė

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