Ten Papers We Are Looking Forward to at the 2016 International Congress on Medieval Studies

Ten Papers We Are Looking Forward to at the 2016 International Congress on Medieval Studies

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The sneak preview of the schedule for the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies has been released online by Western Michigan University. This year’s congress, which is taking place from May 12th to 15th, will feature 550 sessions.

We looked through the programme, and here are 10 papers that we think might be very interesting:

The Year of the Three Kings: 1016 in the Context of Early Medieval Succession Disputes
Barbara Yorke, Univ. of Winchester
in Session 38: 1016: Year of Three Kings (Thursday, 10:00 am)

Myroblytes: The Power and Appeal of Holy Oil
Sylvia E. Mullins, Georgetown Univ.
in Session 77: Holy Celebrity: Saints and/as Social and Economic Capital (Thursday 1:30 pm)

Dreaming the Known: Dream Encyclopedias in the Late Middle Ages
Boyda Johnstone, Fordham Univ
in Session 146: Writing to Know: Medieval Literature and the Production of Knowledge (Thursday 3:30 pm)

Parliamentary Gothic: Collecting and Creating the Medieval in Canada’s Parliament Buildings
Laurel Ryan, Univ. of Louisiana–Lafayette
in Session 155: Medieval America: Traditions, Folklore, Identity (Thursday 7:30 pm)

Medicine or Magic: Science, Sorcery, and Healing in the Viking Age
Danielle Turner, California State Univ.–Fullerton
in Session 198: Scandinavian Studies (Friday 10:00 am)

Side by Side? Jewish and Christian Women and Convivencia in England, ca.1100–1290
Pelia Werth, Univ. of Leeds
in Session 220: Jewish Women in Medieval England (A Roundtable) (Friday 10:00 am)

Allhallows London Wall, 1455–1536: A History of Collaboration in Parish Decision Making
Gary G. Gibbs, Roanoke College
in Session 272: (Re)configuring the Parish in Late Medieval England (Friday 1:30 pm)

Fifteenth-Century Proofs of Age and Social and Collective Memory
Joel T. Rosenthal, Stony Brook Univ.
in Session 347: Family and Dynasty in the Late Middle Ages (Saturday 10:00 am)

The Messenger Is the Message: Social and Communicative Roles of Couriers in Fourteenth-Century Europe
Eve Wolynes, Univ. of Notre Dame
in Session 486: News, Communication, and Current Events in the Middle Ages (Saturday 3:30 pm)

Catching Fire: Female Arsonists and Formal Justice in Late Medieval Scotland
Chelsea Hartlen, Univ. of Guelph
in Session 537: Women and the Law in Britain and Ireland, 1300–1500 (Sunday 10:30 am)

Watch the video: International Congress on Medieval Studies Day 2 (June 2022).


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