Rendlesham and the East Anglian Kingdom

Rendlesham and the East Anglian Kingdom

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Rendlesham and the East Anglian Kingdom

Lecture by Christopher Scull

Video created by Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service on 11 September 2020

The first talk a video series: ‘Behind the Scenes: Analysing Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham‘ Since 2017, an expert team has been working to analyse the Rendlesham site and finds and publish the results. This talk introduces the archaeology of Rendlesham and explores what the site, which is the largest and materially the richest settlement of its time known in England, can tell us about the rulers and the kingdom of the East Angles.

Other videos in this series include:

Exploring Metal Objects from Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham with Faye Minter

Beasts and Feasts: Rendlesham’s Animal Resources with Charlotte Scull

Top Image: Archeaological finds from Rendlesham – photo courtesy Suffolk County Council

Watch the video: Rendlesham and the East Anglian Kingdom - Christopher Scull (May 2022).


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